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Bentley Mulsanne: A league of its own

Bentley Mulsanne

Nice review here of the Bentley Mulsanne by the Los Angeles Times.

Had the valet spent a weekend behind the wheel of this prestigious beauty, as I did, he would’ve learned there’s far more to admire about the Mulsanne than its price, which is merely the result of a custom sedan designed, engineered and handcrafted from scratch. The most exclusive Bentley, no more than 800 of these “ultra-luxury” cars will be made annually. Each takes nine weeks to build.

The 2011 Mulsanne marks a return to classic Bentley, with its archetypical and torque-y 6.75-liter V-8 engine, corner-friendly rear-wheel drive and a resurrected namesake that connects Bentley’s racing past to the present. Mulsanne is a famous straightaway on the LeMans course in France. What this all means for buyers: drivable Dom Perignon.

With its Mulsanne, Bentley truly does break out the bubbly. It’s a celebration of the marque’s liberation from Rolls-Royce as much as it’s a car. Bentley spent 67 of its 91 years run by the similarly British-born but now German-owned Rolls-Royce.

Bentley, which is currently owned by Volkswagen, is trumpeting its Mulsanne as the first “true” Bentley in 80 years. Engineered and built in Crewe, England, by Bentley engineers and coach builders, the Mulsanne is at once an over-the-top yet understated model that delivers impeccable five-star service.