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Lamborghini: Planning 2 debuts for Paris Motor Show


Street word has it that Lamborghini is planning two debuts for the Paris Motor Show. One is the Lamborghini “Jota”, but what’s the other one?

Well, it looks like the car maker may be bringing two vehicles to market. U.S. Lamborghini dealers are scheduled to head to Sant’Agata next Thursday for a very special presentation—their first look at two different cars. According to the copy of the schedule we obtained, the company will unveil a car known as the “LB715-5″ along with something called the “83X.”

According to our source, the LB715-5 refers to the new V12-powered model designated to replace the Murcielago, colloquially known as the Jota. Details are still scarce at this point, but we know the car will use a direct-injection V12 and a carbon-fiber tub reportedly made by Carbo Tech of Austria, the same folks who build the tub for the McLaren MP4-12C. The “715″ may refer to the expected horsepower output of the car; we’ve also heard that an 825 horsepower version may be coming at some point. The LB715-5 will be priced somewhere around the half-million dollar mark, making it a good deal pricier than the current Murcielago, which starts at $354,000.

As for the 83X mentioned in the agenda (see below)…well, nobody outside Sant’Agata seems to know what it will be. Popular rumor has it the car may be a Gallardo successor; however, there’s also speculation it could be a production version of the Estoque sedan, or even a GT car destined to butt heads with the Ferrari 599 GTB/GTO. But nobody knows for sure—not even our well-connected sources.