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Mercedes-Benz E250 CGI Cabrio: Road test report

Mercedes-Benz E250 CGI Cabrio

Interesting road test report here of the Mercedes-Benz E250 CGI Cabrio. Enjoy!

With its sound-deadening acoustic roof in place, the E-Class Cabrio is almost as quiet as its coupe counterpart.

Roof down, the AirCap reduces turbulence up front. Airscarf also does a great job of keeping front occupants warm. At $1190 it’s an almost-affordable option but you must also pay $950 for new front seats, so it gets expensive.

It’s a shame, as the Airscarf makes it quite feasible to stow the roof and relax deep within the cabrio’s cocoon of warmth on even a very cool day.

The cabrio steers, handles and rides in a way that perfectly accompanies this mood. It’s neither pin sharp nor brittle. Rather, it’s just about right for languid progress, always reliable but never frantic.