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Mercedes-Benz: Getting hybrid components from Toyota

Mercedes-Benz hybrid

Mercedes-Benz is negotiating a deal with Toyota to use their hybrid components in future models.

According to reports from Japan, negotiations between Daimler AG and Toyota began more than a year ago and the final details are now nearly ironed out. Toyota’s position as the global leader in hybrid technology has helped the company shore up gas-electric-related deals with automakers in the past and hopefully, Daimler’s name will be added to the growing list of companies seeking Toyota’s assistance with hybrid vehicles. Reports suggest that only a few details, like which Daimler models will receive Toyota’s hybrid components, need to be ironed out before negotiations are finalized and the deal becomes official.

The Yomiuri Shimbun adds some speculation to the ordeal by quoting “sources” saying:
“Toyota hopes adding Daimler to the list of companies it cooperates with on hybrid cars will counter the global auto industry’s current trend toward developing electric cars.”