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Mercedes-Benz: SUVs are dead? We don’t think so! Future line-up revealed.

Mercedes-Benz GLK

Join us for an outlook to the future of the Mercedes-Benz SUV line-up.

Let’s start with the next-generation Mercedes-Benz GLK which is still not finalized yet, but a more sporty and distinctive proposal has the biggest chances for approval as of now. It will be based on the next Mercedes-Benz C-Class wagon platform with more room in the back. See the rendering above for an impression what to expect.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class
Next in line is the Mercedes-Benz G-Class: it will arrive with new safety features and cleaner engines featuring new V6 and V8 engines especially. No Hybrid though!

Mercedes-Benz GL
The next-generation Mercedes-Benz GL will also come without a hybrid in 2012, but the engines will get more power.

Mercedes-Benz ML
The new Mercedes-Benz ML is most likely the biggest optical change to its predecessor and it will be lower, longer and more sporty. Here you will also see a V6 hybrid at least, the V8 hybrid is still not decided.

Mercedes-Benz BLK
And finally the Mercedes-Benz BLK, based on the new Mercedes-Benz B-Class platform and a true crossover. Expected for 2013.