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Mercedes-Benz: Working on many new models, including B-Class coupe

Mercedes-Benz B-Class coupe

Mercedes-Benz is working hard on bringing new models including a Mercedes-Benz B-Class coupe.

Beyond those, it’s the next B-Class that could be one of the most intriguing additions to the MBUSA playbook. The redesigned hatch will be made more compelling for American buyers, and will be the first Mercedes to arrive Stateside with front-wheel drive and four-cylinder engines. Recent rumors also suggest it will get a rear-wheel-drive AMG version and be the basis for a CLC Shooting Brake, as well as getting its own coupe, crossover and sedan trims.

Other models in the queue will be brand new, not just new to us. These include a C-Class convertible and potential crossover would give M-B 3 Series convertible and X3 competitors. A 100-strong fleet of F-Cell vehicles will be tested in California, and the SLS E-Cell will come in 2013 with 526 horsepower and a 120-mile range. And just as all of those treats are arriving, the same year will see the arrival of the new S-Class Coupe (replacing the CL nameplate), S-Class, E-Class and GL.