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VW of America: New US chief to be announced today

VW Jetta

VW of America will announce its new chief today and it might be former GM executive Jonathan Browning.

The Journal says former GM executive Jonathan Browning will be named the head of Volkswagen of America on Monday.

Already head of VW’s worldwide sales organizations, Browning is the former head of GM global sales and, before that, a managing director of Jaguar and Ford.

Browning inherits VW as the company embarks on a major drive to push its sales in North America over 1 million units annually, including 200,000 Audi sales. An expansion in the U.S., with a new manufacturing facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is a part of the drive. Volkswagen will produce a new large sedan in the plant, and will replace the existing Passat with the “NMS,” or New Mid-Size Sedan.

With the plant, VW will be able to build a vast majority of the vehicles it sells in North America within the market.