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VW Polo GTI: Driving review


Nice review here of the VW Polo GTI.

Powering the new Polo GTI is VAG’s familiar 1.4-litre Twincharger engine. And with the help of a supercharger (which boosts the engine until 3000prm) and a turbocharger (which takes over thereafter) this little four-pot engine manages to squeeze out 178bhp. And there’s 184lb ft too, delivered from 2000 to 4500rpm.

It sounds reasonable too, burbling along at low speeds, with a deeper engine note in the mid-range and a nice whoosh when you suddenly lift off. And of course we could complain that it doesn’t offer the aural delights of something like the Clio 200’s naturally aspirated 2.0-litre engine when that’s homing in on 7000rpm, but we know that’s the case with many, if not all, forced induction engines. The disappointment comes when you match the Polo GTI up against something like a Mini Cooper S, which despite being turbocharged can sound wonderfully rorty, and yet also play the quiet cruiser.