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Audi A8: Road test report

Audi A8

Awesome road test report here with the new Audi A8. A must read for every Audi fan!

The D4 (as it is internally known within Audi) breaks ground in multiple areas, and the opportunity to spend a week with the vehicle highlighted a number of these accomplishments. The vehicle we drove was a Short Wheelbase model (there were no Long Wheelbase models available to test), in Havanna Black Metallic, which is definitely a beautiful shade on the all new body panels. The car was the “base” model, with the only option fitted being 20” wheels – which we felt suited the car very well. One of the exciting options that will be available on the forthcoming Long Wheel Base model, is the “Executive Pack” rear seat option. Consisting of reclining/massaging rear seats, LCD screens in the rear of the front seat headrests, and providing the rear passengers with their own MMI system – if you want your driver to re-route you via the polo club, just set the destination from the back seat, and it communicates it to the navigation system in the front!