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Audi R5: New mid-engine sportscar confirmed!

Audi R5

Streetword has it that Audi has confirmed a new mid-engine sportscar, the Audi R5!

Our artist’s impression (red car, above) shows how the E-tron concept car is likely to translate to the production R5. Both a coupe and open-top roadster models are expected (the E-tron Spyder concept car previewed the convertible).

Underpinning the business case is careful positioning of the Audi R5. This is no sub-TT cheapling; instead the R5 will be positioned above the TT and below the R8 supercar.
How the R5 measures up

That’s a brave move by Audi, since the R5 has a compact footprint. At just 3933mm long, it’s supermini short, a simple two-seater just a centimetre-and-a-bit longer than a Lotus Exige. But in this age of downsizing, people will pay a premium for a quality, compact sports car. It seems an apposite model for our times.