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Audi S1: Will get four-wheel drive, VW Polo R and VW CrossPolo too!

Audi S1

Volkswagen Group has confirmed development of a new platform which will be able to carry four-wheel drive for the upcoming Audi S1 as well as the VW Polo R and VW CrossPolo. Great news!

Volkswagen Group is engineering its PQ25 platform for all-wheel drive, Audi sources have revealed.

This will allow Audi to create a proper S1, following the decision not to use the name on the current range-topping A1 launched at the Paris motor show, as it’s front-wheel drive.

The decision to re-engineer the platform should also lead to two other models from VW: a Polo R and a CrossPolo.

VW is understood to have taken development of the Polo R to an advanced stage, but, like Audi with the S1, made the decision against putting into production due to the issue over all-wheel drive.