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Audi S1: Will it look like this?

Audi S1

We found some new intel including an image of the upcoming Audi S1. Will it look like this?

But the full, sophisticated version of the quattro system will be reserved for the S1. And the car will continue Audi’s recent push to use innovations from its larger models on smaller products – the S1’s 4WD will have the option of the torque vectoring rear sport differential from the 
S4 and RS5, which promises agile handling.

Engine choices are still being considered, although the 1.4 TFSI from the current flagship won’t be used. Instead, to distance the S1 from the rest 
of the line-up, Audi is likely to employ one of the VW Group’s larger petrol turbos, which currently power the Golf GTI in 2.0-litre form and the top-spec Skoda Yeti in 1.8-litre tune.

A further option is a new 1.6-litre unit. Audi has already said it won’t return to rallying, but VW is planning an entry with a car prepared by a new team set up by Spanish former WRC ace Carlos Sainz. This is likely to be based on the Polo R, and as the sport’s rules dictate that cars be powered by a 1.6-litre turbo, the engine from this model could make it into the S1.

Audi S1 quattro