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Audi TT RS: Now with 472 bhp, thanks to MTM


MTM has launched the 472 bhp Audi TT RS MTM with a 194 mph high-speed run at Nardo. Nothing short of impressive! And they have more in the works…

In an effort to take the TT RS past the 300 mark without the need for breaching the 500 hp mark, MTM tweaked the ECU, modified the turbo spools and fitted a new exhaust system – along with new wheels, tires and brakes. The result of the engine mods was 472 hp, enough to get its customized TT RS up to a GPS-certified top speed of 312 km/h (just under 194 mph) at Italy’s Nardo test track. And they’ll sell you the modifications too, for a price: €14,500 for the engine mods and another €9,973 for the suspension and wheel work, taxes and installation included.

Having proven their point about power:speed ratios, MTM’s also working on a 500+hp version. We can hardly wait to see what they’ll manage with that one