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Mercedes-Benz CLS550: First drive review

Mercedes-Benz CLS550

Interesting first drive review here of the new Mercedes-Benz CLS550.

Over the road, the CLS550 provides something similar to the E550 experience—which is to say, biased toward luxury rather than sport. The engine sounds good, but it’s very muted, and under full throttle the V-8 growl fades beneath a blanket of turbo whoosh. The power delivery is sensational, though, with no perceptible turbo lag.

The air suspension and continuously variable damping combine for a plush highway ride. Ultimately, however, it lacks a convincing degree of athleticism: Though precise and linear, the new electric power steering provides far more feedback than does the chassis, which is pretty inert.

The CLS is still an expressive machine, and it remains a stylish alternative to an E550 sedan. We just wish it had a little more fire. Perhaps the upcoming CLS63 AMG will satisfy  that desire.