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Porsche Cajun: Walter de’ Silva’s first project at Porsche

Porsche Cajun

The upcoming Porsche Cajun will be designed by nobody less than Walter de’ Silva himself. Awesome news!

His first project will be the all-new Porsche Cajun SUV due in 2014–Porsche’s next model is actually the next-generation 911 but the styling for this model, along with the successor for the Boxster, is complete. He will work closely with Michael Mauer, the current design director for Porsche, and together they will shape the look of the new Cajun, which de Silva hopes will be inspired more by the Porsches of old.

The Porsche Cajun will share its platform with the Audi Q5 but it will feature a shorter wheelbase, a lower roofline and cost roughly 5 to 10 percent more. It will be available initially in a three-door bodystyle but a five-door model will join the lineup further down the track. Key competitors will be the BMW X3 and upcoming Range Rover Evoque.