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Porsche Cayenne S: Comparison against Infiniti FX50S

Porsche Cayenne S, Infiniti FX50S

Interesting comparison here of the Porsche Cayenne S against the Infiniti FX50S.

These two cars are extraordinary.

There’s just no other way to describe family trucksters that can bomb to 60 mph faster than any readily available sports car could just a few decades ago—and darn near as fast as even the swiftest sports cars on the market today (we’ll presume a similar price bracket for that analogy).

This feat alone wouldn’t be very astonishing—SEMA is ground zero if you want to see Ford F-150s and Escalades ‘roided out with V-8 muscle. Making these respective crossovers corner as if they sat two feet closer to the ground—say, like a 911 or a G37—is why the Porsche and Infiniti are simply astonishing.