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Porsche: Hybrid in every model, also checking 4-cylinder engines!

Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid

Porsche is doing the unthinkable and checking for 4-cylinder engines in future products. On top of that they have confirmed to bring a hybrid option for every model.

“We want to learn how we can electrify all our sports cars in the future with the help of this short production run,” Duerheimer said.

Porsche could also be looking into smaller engines to help cut C02. “If the CO2 guidelines require it, then our engines will become smaller and may have just four cylinders,” Duerheimer said. “The important thing is that the performance has to be right. The 911 must always be on the cutting edge.”

He said that he is looking into turbocharging and direct injection that could be used to transform a 4-cylinder powerplants into suitable engines for its sports cars.