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VW Jetta: Full test video

VW Jetta

Interesting video review here of the new VW Jetta. Enjoy!

The new Jetta is also cheaper than the car it replaces. Though our loaded SEL tester was about $25,000, its base price is now less than $16,000 — cheaper than a Jetta from 10 years ago. To reach this lower price point, corners have certainly been cut. Aside from a cheaper rear suspension design, the cabin is now dominated by hard plastics and little touches like a center armrest and rear air vents are missing. But the fit and finish is solid and the things you touch, like the steering wheel and shift knob are covered in soft leather in upper trims. Despite the lower price, though, many features are available. At the track, that powertrain combination got the Jetta from zero to 60 mph in 8.4 seconds. At full throttle it feels quicker than that number suggests, but we’re definitely not fans of the sluggish throttle response. In terms of handling, the less sophisticated suspension doesn’t really hurt the new Jetta. The chassis is pretty capable in hard driving. However, this is still a car tuned for primarily for comfort. Driving enthusiasts will still want to wait for the GLI version. So the new Jetta is bigger, cheaper and potentially more appealing to more people.