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Audi A3 Sedan: Green light for production, latest intel!

Audi A3 Sedan

Here’s the latest intel about the upcoming Audi A3 Sedan which has just gotten the green light for production and will be in the spirit of the great Audi 80. A must read!

Audi boss Rupert Stadler has given the production green light to a new saloon version of the A3 — a car Ingolstadt insiders describe as a spiritual successor to the Audi 80.

The A3 saloon is planned as an entry-level model in the world’s two largest car markets: the US and China. But Audi also sees the saloon as a car to slot below the A4, which has grown in length by 220mm since it arrived in 1994.

The A3 saloon’s styling is expected to follow today’s family look, and at 4.51 metres long it will be slightly shorter than the new Volkswagen Jetta.

Under the skin is VW’s new MQB modular platform, which is said to be cheaper and easier to make than today’s PQ35 platform. The suspension layout is the same — front struts and rear multi-link — and both front and four-wheel drive are available.