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Audi quattro: Driving report

Audi quattro

A must read for every Audi fan: a driving report of the Audi quattro concept. Enjoy!

Inside, there’s a rather wonderful simplicity to the Quattro Concept (although any production version would more likely adopt RS5 interior architecture). It’s beautifully finished in exotic leather and carbonfibre, there are just two lightweight seats and the driving position is superb.

There’s not too much hint of potency when you push the starter; the five pot starts quickly and settles quietly. With windows down, in a garage, there’s just a slight burble, and the odd rattle you’d expect from a concept car’s body, while the all-digital dash wobbles a bit. A couple of quick blips reveals a motor that has a slightly laggy low end response, but a classy bass rumble.

The clutch pedal is as light as any Audi’s – lighter than an R8’s from memory. The gearshift ditto – positive enough that you won’t mis-shift.

And, flipping heck, the steering is light, too. It’s not nervy, not edgy, but retains its lightness as speeds rise. It’s direct, accurate, and you can feel the relative lack of inertia in the chassis. When those 30 profile tyres change direction, this short, light car is pretty eager to follow. The ride isn’t too clever at very low speeds, but it settles once you add a few mph; by 30mph you’d almost call it comfortable;