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Audi quattro: Given green lights for production?

Audi quattro

Streetword has it that Audi has given green lights for production of the awesome Audi quattro concept. But how many will be available?

The thing about Audi is that when it does a concept car, it does just do a rolling model. It engineers the thing. It does its homework. And in the case of the Audi Quattro, three years of development work have reportedly already gone into it. According to Motor Trend, both Audi’s and the Volkswagen Group’s chief execs are eager to put it into production, although their visions for how it’ll get there are a little different.

Group CEO Martin Winterkorn reportedly wants to put it into serial production at around 35,000 units annually in order to keep pricing to a reasonable level, offering a full range of engine options in the process. Audi CEO Rupert Stadler, meanwhile, sees the Quattro as a niche product, sticking with the solitary turbo five and all-wheel drive set-up that featured in both the show car and the ’80s icon that was its inspiration.