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Audi R8 GT: Driving report

Audi R8 GT

Nice driving report here with the Audi R8 GT, our favorite version of the Audi R8. Enjoy!

So what is the R8 GT like?

Better than ever. It looks great for a start, the jutting wing helping to balance the slightly odd proportions. And inside, there’s still sat-nav and air-con so the GT remains a useable everyday car, the only downside being that reaching for them was made rather hard by our car’s Race Pack harnesses.

We like the Alcantara steering wheel too, and speaking of wheels, the carbon ceramic brakes that nestle behind spindly alloys have incredible stopping power and – listen and learn, Lambo – are easy to modulate, even when cold.

And without the complications of a Drive Select system, constantly trying to juggle suspension, steering, throttle and gearbox settings, the R8 GT remains as sweet as ever. It might be four-wheel drive, but typically only 15% of the drive is sent to the front wheels, the rest being directed in the right direction – usable and exploitable, safe and secure, it’s Quattro shown at its best.