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VW Golf Blue-e-motion: Driving report

VW Golf Blue-e-motion

Interesting driving report here with the VW Golf Blue-e-motion.

The one thing VW got absolutely right: selectable regenerative braking. There are four levels, from sailing to harsh regen, and it’s great to be able to use the shifter paddles on the steering wheel to cycle through them. We’d have been quite happy with the two settings at the extremes, but we won’t quibble with four. Cruising through wet Wolfsburg streets with the Golf Blue-e-motion’s weight split 50/50 thanks to the battery placement, which is quite different than the front-biased standard Golf, handling was great at city speeds. The e Golf is also incredibly quiet, even for an electric vehicle, and that’s saying something. It doesn’t hurt that the Golf on which it’s based is already a quiet ride.