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Audi quattro concept: Driving report from Malibu, part 2

Audi quattro concept

Here’s part 2 of the Malibu driving report with the stunning Audi quattro concept. Again a must read!

Being a cutting-edge concept car, there’s no key. The engine fires via a standard Audi starter button finished in red. That trick instrument display comes alive and is surprisingly functional for a one-off.

Engaging first, we move to exit the steep Malibu driveway. The car creaks slightly and we’re actively thinking of words to describe it. “Concept car” is accurate but not exactly explanatory to those who haven’t driven one. “Kit car” comes to mind but it’s more buttoned up than some Fierrari or Lambiero. “Race car” strikes us as the right balance. With a structure of aluminum and carbon fiber, the quattro Concept is very rigid but nonetheless still a prototype.

We follow our California Highway Patrol escort to Decker Canyon then sit at the bottom of the hill chatting as we wait for clearance watching other drivers gawk at the Audi concept.

Seizinger points out to us that while the engine is TT RS and the transmission is S5 the remaining running gear is RS 5. This means massive carbon ceramic brakes and a crown gear differential. There’s no sport diff here because, as with the automatic gearbox, it would have added weight. Also, there’s no ESP though Peter points out that we can feel free to push the car. We’re surprised he doesn’t follow that statement with a suggestion that we not stuff his priceless prototype into one of the jagged cliff edges. Maybe that was just implied.