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Audi quattro concept: Driving report from Malibu

Audi quattro concept

Our friend George from Fourtitude has made us envy, again. Read his driving report of the Audi quattro concept and you know why. Awesome job!

Like the Sport quattro on which this design is spiritually based, the quattro Concept has a wheelbase 5.9 inches shorter than the RS 5 from which it was loosely derived. The rear overhang was shortened a surprising 7.9 inches. Unlike the Sport quattro that went up in height in order to minimize glare for rally drivers, the quattro Concept gets a roofline 1.6 inches lower than the production RS 5. The design pays obvious homage to the original with its rectangular taillights and unmistakable angled straight C-pillar, though it is anything but retro. For instance those square-ish taillights may seem more 1980’s in the overall shape but their design, now more contoured and part of the car’s overall sculpture, makes even current production taillights seem dated. Also, Audi skipped the less practical shorty trunk of the original quattros in favor of a more practical hatchback design.

The quattro’s headlights are another place where modern Audi design pairs perfectly with early quattro heritage. While the earliest quattros made due with four large square sealed beam size headlight units the modern car touches on that theme with quad rotating LED arrays, integrating turn signals and other lighting needs behind two simple but stylized light assemblies.