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Audi R8: Twin turbo mod by Evolution Motorsports

Audi R8

Awesome twin turbo mod here of the Audi R8 by Evolution Motorsports.

“Brake, brake, brake,” he said as the braking markers “4” and “3” flashed by. I held off until we hit the number “2” marker, then laid into the brakes and turned in while trailing off.

I left the braking late not to make the instructor’s life flash before his eyes but to test the limits of an Audi R8 that had recently been fortified by an Evolution Motorsports twin-turbocharger system. While probing its limits and looking for flaws or limitations, I failed to find any weaknesses. Those limits are lofty yet approachable thanks to a chassis that stayed composed, communicative, forgiving, and obedient. The many accolades the R8 has garnered since its release are definitely well deserved.