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Bentley Continental GT: A more serious grand touring machine

Bentley Continental GT

Very nice review here of the Bentley Continental GT. Enjoy!

While the twin-turbocharged 6.0-litre W12 engine of the original model was powerful (406 kW; 649 Nm), the new version is even more so (423 kW; 700 Nm). This is by no stretch a gargantuan difference, but when paired with the car’s 65-kg weight savings, it slashes the run to 100 km/h by two tenths to an estimated 4.4 seconds and boosts top speed by three markers to 318 km/h.

A quick blast along the desert roads of Oman proved that the new Continental GT represents a marked improvement. Peak torque rolls in at a very low 1,700 rpm with no sign of turbo lag whatsoever. The revised 6-speed automatic transmission shifts gears in half the time, giving the Bentley a distinctly racier feeling compared to the original.