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Bentley Mavis: Awesome mod powered by 42 liter World War II torpedo boat engine

Bentley Mavis

This video of the Bentley “Mavis” will make your day if you are into big, really big engines. Enjoy!
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Some 10 minutes after driving Chris Williams’s Packard-engined Behemoth my hands were still shaking, my voice was croaking and the cool autumn wind was chilling my sweaty overalls.

My face was cherry red from the infernal heat of the engine and my eyebrows singed from its 24 flaming exhaust stubs. In my entire career I have never driven anything as visceral, as physical or as sheer bloody terrifying as Mavis, the 42-litre Packard-engined Bentley.

Williams built Mavis at weekends and evenings over the last seven years using a Bentley 8-litre chassis, with specially fabricated parts and a V12 Packard engine from an American Second World War motor torpedo boat.