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Porsche 911: Brand new spy shots of next generation, coming with moveable rear wing!

Porsche 911

We found brand new spy shots of the next generation Porsche 911. Make sure to watch!

Don’t be fooled by the air intakes on the rear fenders of this prototype, as they’re clever fakes. The head and taillights look to be slightly different than before, while the front fascia features more aggressive intakes and a pair of small foglights.

Another noticeable difference between old and new 911s can be found in the retractable rear wing of this prototype, which was caught testing on a canyon road. The wing is larger than before and the surface area now includes part of the rear fenders. This should improve cooling and provide for greater aerodynamic downforce at speed.

According to our sources, extra oxygen will be pumped to a 3.4-liter engine in the base Carrera. The Carrera S is due to receive a 3.8-liter flat-6 that could make as much as 400 bhp. That would be a noticeable improvement from the 385 bhp presently offered in the 2011 Carrera S.