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Volkswagen: Italian unions demand romance with Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo

Italian unions have requested to Alfa Romeo to start talking with Volkswagen. Interesting move!

In Milan, union representatives marched to the German consulate and handed the consul a letter in which they demand that Fiat lets Alfa go and that Volkswagen takes over.” With the letter delivered, the demonstrators grabbed megaphones and shouted: “Alfa has no chance with Fiat. We want Volkswagen!” Scusami?

Of course, all involved say that rumors of a wedding between an Italian Romeo and a Julia from Wolfsburg are just rumors. Can’t you listen? It’s rumors!

Controsenso! According to Die Welt, VW Chairman Piech is forcing the pace of the Alfa Romeo romance. He just said that the brand “could be brought back to its old glory with little effort.”