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Volkswagen: Rumors about Formula 1 heating up again due to new engine rules

Volkswagen Formula One

The ever coming back rumors of Volkswagen entering Formula One are heating up one more time due to the new engine rules.

According to reports coming in from the paddock, Volkswagen is encouraged by the new formula approved by the FIA for 2013 that will replace the current V8 engines with a new breed of turbo fours joined again with KERS hybrid braking systems.

The company’s racing chief Hans-Joachim Stuck (pictured above) stopped short of committing, but domestic publications have quoted the former grand prix driver as saying things like “The engine rules are a good starting point for Volkswagen in Formula One”, and “The conditions for a possible entrance of the Volkswagen group have been created”. If that isn’t opening the door again, we don’t know what is.