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VW Golf R: Getting closer to US approval

VW Golf R

The VW Golf R is said to get closer to US approval. Great news!

Our autobahn blast in a Golf R at speeds approaching 150 mph confirmed what we reported in our First Drive: The thing is a hoot, and that it feels lighter and more sophisticated than its predecessor, the 250-hp, V-6–powered R32. It’s simply the best Golf ever, and if Volkswagen is serious about emotionally connecting Americans to its products (a line of thought repeated several times during our visit) it needs to come here, stat.

But will it? Almost certainly. Bringing the Golf R stateside is still under study, technically, but we were told with a wink and a nod that official confirmation of U.S. sales just might happen at the 2011 Detroit auto show next month, and that, if importation did indeed occur, the car would hit as a 2012 model. No one was willing to discuss pricing, of course, but we estimate a sticker of around $33K. Furthermore, VW R executives mentioned that the company is not averse to developing models for other markets that wouldn’t be sold in the homeland: Can you say “Jetta R?”