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VW up!: Electric taxi concept for London

VW up! taxi concept

VW has released a very cool looking, electric taxi concept for London based on the VW up!

Despite being unlike a London black cab in size or shape, the futuristic model features all the add-ons you’d expect, including a ‘Taxi’ light on the roof and the jet-black paint job.

Some more unusual cues include a monochrome Union Jack roof and the London coat of arms applied to the doors. But the smartest part is the use of space. Measuring 3.73 metres in length, 1.66m in width and 1.6m in height, it’s more compact than VW’s current smallest car, the Fox. But there’s still space for the driver plus two passengers, with legroom comparable to a saloon.

Luggage is stored where the front passenger seat would go, removing the need for a boot. The driver sits behind a touchscreen display which relays information on the vehicle’s vital functions, as well as fare and navigation data. Customers in the back are greeted by a large multifunction display showing weather
information, their route and immediate location.

Based heavily on the Space up! and Space up! blue concepts, shown at the 2007 Tokyo and LA Motor Shows respectively, the newcomer has been restyled again. The swept-back headlights and vertical rear light assemblies have both been redesigned, while an asymmetrical door layout adds to the car’s functionality.