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Audi A6: The latest intel about its internet-based navigation system

Audi A6 internet navigation

We found an interesting article about the new, internet-based navigation system for the new Audi A6. Check it out!

With its new A6 model, Audi intends to thoroughly integrate Internet-delivered traffic, courtesy of Inrix, Google maps, and onboard routing and navigation. Launching with the name Audi Online Services, the system uses a data plan to deliver current road conditions and routing information to the navigation system.

Inrix CEO Bryan Mistele says the company’s XD Traffic service will show traffic flow information for each 20 to 30 feet of covered roads, rather than current systems, which generally show mile-by-mile. This specificity makes flow information useful on surface streets with traffic lights. The Audi navigation system will use the traffic data to dynamically plan routes.