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Audi Q5 Hybrid: First drive review!

Audi Q5 Hybrid

We found one of the still rare driving reviews of the Audi Q5 Hybrid. Make sure to read as this engine setup will play a major role for Audi in future!

How do all these electrical gubbins fit together under the skin of the new Audi Q5 Hybrid Quattro?
Up front is Audi’s tried-and-trusted 2.0-litre TFSI (turbocharged and direct injected) petrol engine, producing 208bhp and 258lb ft.

Drive goes to all four wheels, and the gearbox is an eight-speed automatic, but without a torque convertor. Why no torque convertor? Because sitting in its place (and thus between the engine and gearbox) is a 33kW (and 155lb ft) electric motor – the disc-shaped motor also acts as a starter motor and as a generator.

The 1.3kW lithium-ion battery pack sits under the boot floor (and weighs just 38kg, says Audi), and the combined total output for the hybrid system is 241bhp and 354lb ft. The air-con compressor, brake servo and power steering are now electrically driven too.

What is the new Audi Q5 Hybrid Quattro like to drive?
Very impressive. You climb in, stab the start button, then stab it again, then get angry, and then sheepishly remember that this is a hybrid and the electric motor is running silently so the petrol engine doesn’t have to.

Audi claims that in EV mode the Q5 Hybrid Quattro can cover 3km at 60km/h (1.86 miles at 37mph), or reach a top speed of 62mph. And despite sub-zero temperatures our test car kept switching into EV mode when we lifted off the power, were at a standstill, or were trundling around at low speeds, despite the need to power the infrared heater and heated seats.