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Audi RS3 Sportback: Driving report from Canada

Audi RS3 Sportback

Great driving report here with the Audi RS3 Sportback from Canada. A must read!

Like most markets, Audi Canada operates its own driving experience and, not surprisingly, the Canuck take includes lots of snow and ice. That it’s focus is Audi’s prowess on the slipper stuff is to be expected though when we were offered the chance to drive the company’s all-new Euro-only RS 3 Sportback we found its temporary presence in Canada quite unexpected. Eh?

Fascination quattro is technically the name of this year’s Canadian winter driving program based near Quebec’s Mont Tremblant and less than an hour’s drive from Montreal. Produced by Audi Canada, participation in the program is open to customers from other countries (namely the USA). Also, it should be clarified that the RS 3 is not part of their usual consumer program that normally includes the Audis S4, S5, Q5, Q7 and A8.

So why was the RS 3 in Montreal? Well, officially, this was part of Audi’s annual winter drive event held for an international mix of journalists and this particular visit also included a German market RS 5 coupe, two A1 pre-production prototypes, the Q5 hybrid and thrill rides in some vintage Audi rally racers. Still, there’s more to the story of the RS 3’s presence here according to some highly placed sources.