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Auto Union Type C: Blueprint unveiled at Torrance, CA estate sale

Auto Union Type C

Awesome “barn find” here: official looking blueprints of the Auto Union Type C from an estate sale in Torrance, CA.

Seems Renglish attended an estate sale in Torrance, CA recently where he found (and picked up) negatives of blueprint schematics detailing the design of the Auto Union Type C. The two images show the car from every angle (above) and also detailed images of the chassis and major components (below).

As most regular readers of this website know, the iconic pre-war Auto Union racecars a.k.a. Silver Arrows dominated the grand prix racing circuits in those years just ahead of and during World War II. These cars, designed by Ferdinand Porsche, pioneered the idea of mid-engine chassis design and the Type C was powered by a 520-hp supercharged V16. Speeds reached with the cars were not matched again for decades while drivers made due with neither helmets nor seatbelts in that bygone era.