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Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG: Review!

Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG

Interesting review here of the Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG, a true monster.

Enter the Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG, the six-figure Swiss Army pocket knife on wheels that seems to tick off just about every box in our list of “items we want in our dream car.”

What is it?
Take a hand-built, 500-horsepower supercharged V8, add infour exhaust pipes exiting in pairs ahead of the rear wheels, slap on a simple squared-off body riding on a separate ladder-type chassis, toss in three locking differentials and two robust solid axles and then wrap the interior interior in leather.

It was designed initially for military use and most civilized and uncivilized nations still place orders for specially-equipped models. Those military-spec Gs are built right alongside luxurious civilian models, although German production precision probably means you won’t find a machine gun “accidentally” installed on a G55 AMG.