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VW Golf VII: Could be built in the US!


Street word has it that the next-generation VW Golf, coming end of 2012, could be built in the US!

A Volkswagen source wishing to remain unnamed told IL that an important part of the automaker’s ambitious plan (to sell 800,000 VW brand cars in the U.S. by 2018) is the pending decision as to whether or not the next-generation 2013 Golf hatchback should be built in Chattanooga alongside the new Passat. Chattanooga plant chief executive Frank Fischer has been quoted as saying that at current full capacity of 250,000, this total volume could be made up of three distinct production lines.

Volkswagen North America President and CEO Jonathan Browning has made it clear that VW here must do much more with both the Golf and modular architecture-sharing Tiguan small SUV. When IL pursued the issue further, we were told that it wouldn’t be out of the question to someday build the whole global Golf/Jetta/Tiguan/Scirocco compact family under the same roof as the North American Passat, a car designed for sale also in Canada, Mexico, South Korea and the Middle East.