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Audi A8: Everything feels right, watch out BMW 7 Series

Audi A8

Great review here of the new Audi A8 where everything feels right.

Sometimes you just know when something is good. You can’t always express exactly why or point to a particular detail that makes it so, but you know.

When you sit in the 2011 Audi A8, you get that feeling.

Maybe that feeling came from the massage the front seat gave me. But, throughout the cabin, there’s a feeling of understated confidence. It’s the smell of the leather. It’s the way the aluminum MMI knob feels against your fingertips, perfectly machined. It’s the mix of wood and metal accents throughout that exemplify the craftsmanship.

It’s not one particular piece but how all of them work together in inspiring mechanical precision. It’s not even the pieces you see, such as the little solar powered fan on the sunroof that will pull in fresh air and keep the car cooler when parked in the sun. In and out of this car, it just feels right.

Audi calls it “progressive luxury.”

I say, “Look out 7 Series.”