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Audi A8 L Security: Debut of Audi’s flagship armored vehicle

Audi A8 L Security

Now you can also have the latest gadgets and an armored ride: please welcome the Audi A8 L Security.

The new Audi A8 L Security revealed today is a production model and will be available for sale this summer. It’s based around the long-wheelbase A8 L model and comes with a host of special security features, as well as heavy armoring.

When developing the basic design for the A8 model line, Audi engineers already had the high-security version in mind. The result is a totally integrated concept superior to any retrofit solution currently available on the market. Most of the modifications are made by hand in a small, well-guarded workshop–on a production floor with specially secured doors, where the use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited. The complete modification process takes some 450 hours to finish.

The A8 L Security has been officially certified for compliance with the class VR 7 ballistic protection standard, however, in certain areas the armoring even complies with the criteria for class VR 9 and VR 10.