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Audi: Carbon fiber partnership announced for future lightweight constructions

Audi carbon fiber

Audi has announced a carbon fiber partnership with German company Voith for future develop of more lightweight cars.

Now Audi joins the fray with news that it’s forming a partnership with fellow German company Voith in order to further optimize the production of fiber-reinforced materials in the interest of the environment and the economy.

For several years now, Voith has been intensively involved with the use of carbon fiber in industrial plant design, such as in lightweight construction components in paper machines or in drive engineering. With the help of the development partnership being announced today, the company will now be able to apply its technological know-how to the automotive sector as well.

The two firms have signed a letter of intent regarding a development partnership. The partnership will focus on a highly automated process chain for high-volume automotive fiber related products, namely, lightweight structures and body panels.