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Audi Q5 RS: First rendered preview!

Audi Q5 RS

Here’s the first rendered preview of the rumored Audi Q5 RS. Have a look!

So What Do We Think?
The chances of an RS Q5 are pretty remote. If there’s not enough market for an RS 4 sedan with the RS 5 in place, we wonder how one might make a business case for an RS Q5 when the RS 4 Avant is still in the plans. Frankly, we’re also wondering what’s the point for such a hardcore crossover.

We’ve heard off-handed remarks in the past about consideration of a Q5S but even this remains to be seen. Still, with the expected move of the Q5 from the 3.2 to the 3.0T when the mid lifecycle product improvement goes into effect keeps us hopeful.

This image is most clearly rendered as an RS Q5 and with RS styling cues. If Audi did an S version we’d expect it would have S style styling cues… or perhaps something altogether different as the king-of-the-hill Q7 V12 TDI was something unto itself.