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Audi quattro concept, Audi Ur-quattro: Comparison test and video!

Audi quattro concept, Audi Ur-quattro

Car and Driver has done an awesome comparison test incl. video of the Audi quattro concept and the Audi Ur-quattro. A must see!

These days, Audi is a lit skyrocket. The Volkswagen Group has poured cash and technical resources into its upscale brand during the past decade with the intention of moving it in line with BMW and Mercedes-Benz in the hearts of its primarily German, American, and Chinese customers. Having recently delighted in the new A8 and in selecting the aging A6 over its competitors in a comparison test [August 2010], we’d say the Ingolstadt boys are succeeding.

The plainly named Quattro Concept began as sketches two years ago but was built in just four months, says the man described as its father, Wolfgang Egger, head of Audi Group Design. Egger bristles at the suggestion that the Concept is retro, saying the idea was to “look back but also look forward” by cribbing certain unmistakable cues from the original Quattro Coupe (1980–1991), such as the chopped tail and triangular C-pillars, but experiment with a new face and more sophisticated surfaces. The guiding principles of the design, according to Audi, were that it be a compact two-seater with a curb weight less than 3000 pounds, use a downsized but high-output engine consistent with current ­powertrain trends, and, of course, feature Quattro technology.

As with many auto-show stage queens, the one-off Quattro Concept rides on a donor production chassis, namely  that of an A5-based RS5 supercoupe. Audi Quattro GmbH, the Neckarsulm-based Audi skunkworks responsible for engineering the high-performance RS models as well as the mid-engine R8, worked on the Concept’s dirty parts.