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Audi: Supplying engines for Red Bull Formula 1 team from 2013?

Audi Red Bull Formula One

The latest rumor has it that Audi will supply engines to the Red Bull Formula One team from 2013 thanks to the new engine rules.

It is looking increasingly likely that Audi will enter F1 in 2013 to take advantage of the new engine regulations due to be introduced for that season. An Audi F1 project has long been speculated but the companies intentions only became clear at the Paris Motor show last year when new Porsche chairman Matthias Mueller stated that he felt it made no sense for his company to compete against its sister brand (Audi) in the Le Mans series, suggesting that the company would be better served if one of the two brands was moved into Formula One.

Audi was believed to be hesitant to commit to such a move due to concerns over costs and the relevance of the sport to road car developments, but it is believed that Audi officials feel that enough changes have been made to sport in recent months by the FIA to ensure that their concerns have been addressed. Audi’s conditions One of the conditions of Audi’s entry into the sport was the adoption of a completely new engine formula.