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Audi TT RS: Latest intel of US model, 360bhp, around $60K

Audi TT RS

Here’s the latest intel about the US version of the Audi TT RS: said to maybe feature 360bhp and a price around $60.000.

he European version that we sampled almost two years ago made 340 hp from its turbocharged 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine. Much to our surprise and thrill, Audi says it’s pushing for U.S. cars to make about 20 more ponies for a total of around 360 hp. We asked where the extra power is coming from and were told it’s mainly from ECU tuning, so presumably the Euro cars could be updated as well. Our RS will also come equipped only with a six-speed manual transmission, and little else is changed from the overseas edition. We won’t, however, be getting the available Recaro seats. No big surprise there.