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Bentley: Five-door coupé, Crossover and Baby GT in the works!

Bentley Crossover

Bentley is working on 3 new models: a five-door coupé, a crossover and a baby GT. Awesome!

First on the agenda, as we reported in Issue 1,136, will be a £150,000 five-door coupé version of the Continental GT. It was originally thought that Bentley would base this car on a version of the VW Group’s modular longitudinal platform that underpins the Audi A7 and the upcoming A9. But in light of the new boss’s revelation, it’s almost certain the next-generation Panamera will be the donor.

A crossover is also under consideration, based on the Cayenne, although this Bentley 4×4 will have an even more luxurious interior and use the same engine range as the five-door coupé. The Cross Continental badge has been touted, along with a price of around £120,000.