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Bentley: Latest intel about the company’s future, sharing with Porsche possible


The new boss is there and he’s laying down his plans for Bentley’s future. Interesting!

You’ve obviously got good knowledge of Porsche products, too, which should help with component sharing with Bentley…

Well, nobody knows as well as I do the abilities and potential of Weissach. And sports car ownership will be positioned in Weissach in the future, so it is most likely that we will try to gain efficiency and synergies in working together very closely.

I think Bentley, Bugatti and Porsche can have, in certain aspects, a bright future together. There will be a lot of information transfer. Bentley has recognition of being the leader, in the whole VW Group, in woods and leathers. If you look at how they treat these materials, I think the other brands can learn from them. But maybe in things like hybrid technology, I think Porsche can provide some information and it will be to the benefit of everybody.