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Mercedes-Benz A-Class: Interior spy shots of next generation

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

We found the first interior spy shots of the next-generation Mercedes-Benz A-Class. Have a look!

* Many elements of the cabin are smaller, perhaps less expensive copies of the E-Class’s elements
* Seems like the Sat Nav will be easily detachable. The current model has it embedded in the center console.
* AC vents resemble the propeller of an small aircraft. Current A-Class has square vents.
* The CD/MP3/Radio player is crowded with buttons and controls. Volume control sensibly placed in the middle.
* Three AC blowers at the dashboard’s center is a first for Mercedes Benz. They will enhance comfort of rear occupants.
* The speedo and tacho dials are inspired from the E-Class.
* Red background lighting is retained; intensity and usage remain to be seen.
* Smaller 3-spoke steering wheel costs less and gels well with the cabin. U-shape opening on the lower spoke comes from Honda Jazz
* Steering mounted audio/blue-tooth connectivity controls identical to current model. Call-answer button moved to the left hand side now.
* Door pockets are pushed forward and will increase usability at the cost of leg room.
* Square shape large speakers installed in the same location.
* Two cup holders in a dumb bell formation instead of one but interestingly hand brake lever is absent between the seats.
* Red stitching, on what we assume are leather seats, might be reserved for the sporty trims.