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Porsche: A launch every year, 200,000 sales by 2018

Porsche Cajun

Porsche’s new boss Matthias Mueller is promising a new launch every year with a sales target of 200.000 cars in 2018.

What are your goals for the next-generation 911 that you will bring to market this fall?
The new 911 will be the most successful of all time. Averaged over the life cycle, we want to sell 30,000 units a year. By way of comparison, in 2010 it was 20,000–at the end of the life cycle.

What are you going to introduce in 2012?
We will have the 911 Carrera in 2012 in its first full year of production. After this market introduction, we will also launch the entry-level models of the Boxster and the Cayman.

What new variants will there be in terms of body and drivetrain?
With the 911, we are up to 22 derivatives. We use this as an example for the other models.

What derivatives can we expect from the Panamera?
The Panamera has been on the market now for one and a half years. The product life cycle is typically about seven years. To mark the halfway point, we have planned a product upgrade. The car will be given an even more sporty look. I can imagine a long-wheelbase version, especially for growing markets such as China and Russia. We also think that a plug-in hybrid concept would fit well with the Panamera. And there are many more ideas out there, like a two-door Panamera that makes even more of a coupelike impression, and so on. We’re keeping all our options open. Currently, things are going so well with the Panamera that we’re not in any hurry.

What are your plans for 2014?
For 2014, I could imagine a legitimate successor to the Porsche 550– namely, a small midengine sports car. Actually, I couldn’t imagine a better name for a small roadster like that than the 550. But we’re just in the assessment phase.